Welcome to Bedminton - Premature Ejaculation Stops Here!

Bedminton is a sexual wellness brand for men focused on Premature Ejaculation (P.E). 

Premature Ejaculation (cumming too quickly) is a frustrating and embarrassing problem, but we have a solution that has proved to work.

Our belief is that confidence in the bedroom should be every man’s birthright, and our product, Pinch™,  has already made that belief possible for hundreds of men.

Our product delays premature ejaculation so well that some users have reported struggling to finish during the second round and beyond, but the same users say that is a rather good problem to have.

Many products advertise themselves promising to give “man-power” – which is a catchy word to use but is aiming at the wrong problem.

Almost every man has the so-called “man-power” for sex – that comes naturally. The real problem is cumming too quickly (pre-mature ejaculation), and our product is unique in that it solves exactly that.

It doesn’t matter how much power you have if you’re going to cum in 5 seconds. Power is nothing without control.

Our product is a 100% herbal jelly that you apply to the relevant part(penis),massage, leave for at least 4 hours, and repeat for 3 days – after which you will never be the same again. 

Results last for 12 months. 

Note that it is normal for the first round to still be quick , therefore we recommend assessing yourself from the second round and beyond.

The product is small enough to fit into your pocket, and its discreet labeling means your privacy is guaranteed. Only you will know what you’re up to. They will never see you cumming (in every sense).

Now at a promotional price of $99 including shipping,  you get the convenience of a product that works for 12 months

We ship worldwide through DHL and the product arrives in 3-7 days. We are working on taking payments through the website but in the mean time, we accept manual payments through ”Xoom” a PayPal service among other payment methods.

Order through whatsapp +256 779921921 or email: support@bedminton24.com

If you have any questions, we have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions which you can see under FAQS, and if you have some time, you may enjoy reading Our Story.

Customers Are Saying....


Hundreds of men have already used our product and 91% of them have reported positive results. You can confidently count on that number.

Sex tips for men

Write off the first round.

Life is short and you know what else is? The first round! Even if it lasts 5 minutes or even seconds. No worries, that’s all normal.

Relax, and let her see you come back better and longer during the second round and beyond. Write off the first round as a warm-up.

Enlargement is not the answer.

The first thing to blame for most men whose sexual performance is underwhelming is size. Penis size! And naturally, the next thing to think about is enlargement.

But as part of this business, we’ve seen a lot of P’s and we would rate 99% of them as okay in terms of size. More likely than not your penis falls within the 99%. What is important is being able to sustain an erection that is hard enough for long enough, and with this you don’t need to worry about size. Enlargement is not the answer.